A career in the startup world offers a dynamic and entrepreneurial path. Startups are young, innovative companies aiming to disrupt traditional markets with fresh ideas. Working in a startup involves wearing multiple hats, often in a fast-paced, high-risk environment. It provides opportunities for rapid learning, skill diversification, and hands-on experience, as roles frequently blur. The atmosphere encourages creativity, problem-solving, and adaptability. However, job security can be uncertain, and the workload demanding.

Success can bring significant rewards, including equity, professional growth, and the satisfaction of contributing to a company’s growth. It’s a thrilling journey that attracts those with a passion for innovation and a tolerance for uncertainty.

Soldiers Vs. Commandos

To set the context, let us first understand the difference between a Soldier and a Commando. Soldiers are members of a country’s regular military forces, typically trained for conventional warfare and deployed in various roles, including infantry, artillery, and logistics. They operate within established military structures and follow standard procedures.

Commandos, on the other hand, are highly specialized and elite military units known for their unconventional tactics and stealth. They operate with a focus on surprise, speed, and precision, often in small teams or independently, making them distinct from conventional soldiers in their mission scope and methods.

When we looked at startups in India, we find that a majority are focused on building an army of soldiers, but there are a select few who are contrary in their thinking and are instead building a company of ‘commandos’ – smaller teams of high skilled and effective professionals who are having an impact in their industry that is five times more effective than anywhere in a larger company.